Financing with European Investment Fund guarantees

smeGo, in partnership with the European Investment Fund’s InvestEU programme, supports SMEs who want to implement innovation & digitisation, sustainability and green initiatives. Working together we can build a climate-friendly economy in Europe.

Loan conditions

Applicable to investments in sustainability, innovation and digitisation

The guarantee covers up to 80% of the loan collateral

Maximum loan amount of €1,500,000

Minimum loan duration of 3 months

Maximum loan duration of 36 months

What is the

InvestEU Programme?

The InvestEU Programme supports sustainable investment, innovation and job creation in Europe. With the EU budget guarantee provided to International and National promotional banks, the InvestEU programme aims to trigger more than €372 billion in private investments to high EU policy priority areas.

Who qualifies for this financing?

This includes clean and sustainable transportation methods, multimodal transport, road safety, and the upkeep of rail and road infrastructure.

Emphasizing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and projects related to building renovation aimed at energy conservation. This also involves integrating buildings into an interconnected energy system, along with advancements in energy storage, digital infrastructure, and transport systems to enhance energy infrastructure connectivity.

Ensuring access to digital services, particularly in rural areas.

Covering the supply and processing of various resources such as raw materials, space, oceans, and water. This includes managing waste in line with the circular economy principles.

Projects related to nature conservation and other environmental infrastructure initiatives.

Supporting initiatives related to preserving cultural heritage and promoting tourism.

Investing in equipment, mobile assets, and the deployment of innovative technologies that contribute to the environmental and social sustainability objectives of the EU. These technologies must meet EU standards in environmental and social sustainability.

What if my business doesn’t qualify?

smeGo offers micro-financing to SMEs, also in partnership with the EIF.

Available to SMEs and with no collateral requirements

Loans up to €50,000

SME must have a maximum of 10 employees and an annual turnover of less than €2 million

With the support of the EIF, we can help you secure better financing conditions

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